Gallardo says that one of the public transport companies prioritizes large vehicles for private services

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The minister indicates that the concessionaires already have all the drivers needed to operate normally

 Economy Minister Jordi Gallardo has accused one of the concessionaire companies. Of the bus service of allocating large-capacity vehicles. To private services instead of public transport. The minister has emphasized that this way of acting does not help to solve. The problems of excess passengers and does not follow what is foreseen in the award of. The contract signed with the Government. According to Gallardo, in statements collected by ATV. private services are being prioritized and this is a source of problems.

The head of Economics commented. That there are other situations that complicate the service. He cited, for example, that part of the students. Who should use the free bus are traveling on the regular line and this causes an excess of people on the buses. To counteract this type of situation, an information. Campaign will carried out at service stops to explain how to use public transport.
With regard to the difficulties in hiring drivers. Gallardo pointed out that they have already managed to incorporate the drivers needed to guarantee the needs. The minister has announced that inspections and monitoring carried.  Out ‘on the street’ to ensure that the service is adequate and that the companies comply with what agreed in the awards.

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