What is 202 Area Code?


Washington is served by area code 202 in District of Columbia (DC), USA. Area code , One of the few area codes in the nation that only covers one particular area is the  area code. Therefore, the  area code is unique to Washington, DC, while local Maryland and Virginia residents with mobile phones may occasionally be able to obtain a 202 phone number depending on the carrier. The code currently serves more over 5 million people in the Washington, DC, metro region, including more than 55,000 enterprises that serve the healthcare, technology, and tourist sectors.

The History of 202 :

As part of the North America Numbering Plan, AT&T actually established the 202 area code as one of the first area codes in 1947. Although it is use known as the preferred area code. For people, businesses, and politicians. Based in the historic city. It was old also used for numbers in the nearby Maryland and Virginia suburbs. Today, the  area code of the used by residents of Washington, DC. But due to a recent rise in number porting, you’ll discover. That people on both sides of the DC metro region also use it.

Because of this, the majority of the Washington, DC, metropolitan area continues to be a toll-free area. This implies that while having a  area code is wonderful for receiving business.And personal calls from people outside of the area, locals can really reach you. By calling just seven numbers instead of the area code. When dialling a code number, for instance, citizens of Alexandria, Fair fax, Falls Church, and Bethesda are all regarded as local callers.

Is 202 area code a scam?

With technology’s simplicity come some risks. Since it is now possible to personalise your own number, scammers have taken advantage of this. Many have altered their phone numbers to appear local, giving their victims a sense of security and trust.

When did 202 area code come to be?

The majority of Washington dials a local calling region known as the Washington Metropolitan Exchange Area. When dialling area code , which was one of the first area codes. Created based on the North American. Numbering Plan. in 1947, for forty years (1950–1990), calls could only be make. Within the WM EA area using seven digits.

In September 2020, it was stated that area code 771 would be implemented as an overlay for the District of Columbia over a 13-month period because 202 is close to exhaustion in late 2022. Additionally, it is one of the locations without an overlay.

How can I call or dial a number with area code?

The area code  has not had an overlay. Since it was determine and continues to use seven-digit dialling. But since 771 would be assigned. This would violate the custom of using a seven-digit dialling code for local numbers.

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